Mar 3, 2013


It's the weekend!! I've been out most of the day running errands, and also washed my hair (my fellow black ladies can attest that this is nearly an entire days ordeal in itself, lol).  Sitting snuggled up, crunching on some peanut m&m's, I almost forgot about blogging. Truth be told, I didn't feel like blogging. But you guys know all about my commitment, so here I am :)

Part of our errand running today involved looking for a new fridge & freezer because our current freezer isn't working. Before we realized it was malfunctioned, we'd bought a 2 liter tub of ice-cream, caramel pecan (my favorite) and had to throw all of it in the garbage. So not cool. Anyways, we saw a new fridge & freezer combo which we liked so we're going back to pick it up on Tuesday.

Now watching Saturday Night Live, but I'm yawning every 5 minutes, an indicator that my bed misses me.

I'm sorry I don't have a very uplifting and positive message here, that's how it goes sometimes. I hope you all had a great day though.

Stay blessed!

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