Mar 4, 2013

Value your Health

I know I didn't post anything yesterday, and I'm SORRY!!! Really and truly.  Honestly, I came down with the stomach flu, 24 hour virus, food poisoning, whatever it was/is, it had me crawled up in the fetus position, cradling myself, heat pack on my belly, in PAIN and tears, all the while running to the bathroom all night! You get the picture. It was baaad. I'm still feeling it, however I'm able to conjure up a sentence and actually get up out of bed today, so here I am :)
It feels weird, although I only missed one day, it feels like I've been gone for a week, lol. I'm glad I feel like this though because it implies that this blog means a lot to me, is a part of me, and for that I'm glad. I hope the blog will mean something to my readers too.

With that said, I'm going to go back to curing myself. It's all about getting those liquids in, forcing some food down, and putting my feet up. I wish you all health and strength! 


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