Mar 5, 2013

Live Well, Be Stylish

From Holly R Peete's instagram page.
So I'm still in recovery in recovery mode, but doing much better.

As I was scrolling through Instagram on my phone today, I came across a pic from Holly Robinson Peete. You might remember her from 21 Jump Street (baaack in the day, lol). Anyways, her picture references her new clothing line which is available at TJ Maxx, Homegoods & Marshalls. The tag description I thought reflects exactly what I want for my readers, "Live Well, Be Stylish, Have Fun [...] Stay You."  Isn't that awesome? I sure thought so. Forget the constant pressure to be sexy 24/7, have fun! Don't get me wrong, sexy has it's time and place, but it's nowhere near 24 hours a day. Stylish however, is timeless. Yves Saint Laurent (the renowned designer behind the YSL brand) said it best, "Fashions fade, style is eternal."

This further gave me the idea that I want to profile certain women, one per month, just to inspire us as women to the endless possibilities that are out there for us. Having role-models is important I believe, specially positive role-models. I'll make March my Holly Robinson-Peete month and get back to you all with more details on her bio and achievements.

Til next time, stay fabulous!

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