About Me

Violette Willis MzViolette
A lover of life, despite its ups & downs. A lover of fashion, although I don't always go for the latest & priciest. A lover of football (Steeler Nation to be exact), mainly because of my husband. And most important, a lover of Jesus Christ my Lord & Saviour who's kept me, spared me, blessed me and loved me regardless of my flaws and mess-ups. 

"Born" & bred in Sweden, of Ugandan origin. (I say "born" only because I moved there before I turned 1, so not actually born there). Anyways, Toronto, Canada is what I've called home for the past 8 years. This is where hubby & I and our 4 boys (yes, ALL boys, lol) hustle & grind, play & pray, as we try to leave our mark on this world :)

My mission (& subsequently why you should subscribe the blog)?

To encourage & inspire YOU to make, manage, and mold a life with passion, a life with purpose!

Violette Willis MzViolette
Kisses from me in Bermuda to you! (There's something in the air over there that just has you, lol)

Hope you enjoy the blog :)

Love & Bless Y'all!


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