Aug 12, 2014

Act Like A Success

It's back to school time and I'm finally pulling myself together to get this blog going again. You can definitly say that I was in vacation mode. But I have to get serious again. I've been wrestling with myself to actually post something on here for quite some time. Can't explain why, my mind was willing but my body... not so much. Part of me also felt that I haven't accomplished what I'd hoped by now, or what I thought. I can't even say for sure what exactly I expected would have happened by now, lol.

What I do know though is that I have quite a few lovely readers that I don't want to disappoint. More importantly I don't want to disappoint myself.

So what I'm aiming to do (with the Holy Spirit's help) is to act like a SUCCESS. Steve Harvey has a book with the same title and an entire campaign surrounding it - "Discovering Your Gift & The Way to Life's Riches". (For more info and details, please visit

I feel that this is what I also hope to do for you guys. I'm passionate about living on purpose, making the most out of life, and being a success. I may not be there yet, but that's the whole point, act like one before you actually become one.

I have firsthand experience on not knowing what to do with my life, which way to turn, what to make of my mistakes, the lessons, the trials, you name it. Been there, done that! So if you too aren't too sure, I can relate, and hopefully we can figure this thing out together :)

So in acting like a success, I'm going to set up a blogging schedule. I have a 2 year old and a 5 month old, but I'm determined not use them as an excuse as to why I haven't posted anything. Yes I'm busy, but who isn't. Where there's a will there's a way, and I mean there is a way! (Said rather forcefully so the universe hears my affirmation, lol)

I don't have all the kinks ironed out yet, and I don't have the actual schedule... Wait, (the procrastinator in me almost got me, lol). I'm going to decide on a schedule now... Today's Tuesday, so I'm thinking, every Tuesday & Thursday. How does that sound? I'm open to suggestions, so please share what works for you guys :)

Alright, I think that's what I had on my heart to share with y'all. Until Thursday...

Be Blessed!

Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 


  1. Oh boy, I'm a big procrastinator! I don't have kids, so I try to post five days a week, but this summer has been hard. I've gone down to once or twice. I'll have to try some of your ideas for success.

  2. Hey Luna! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I feel you on the procrastination, good to know we're not alone. This way we can work on it together :)

  3. Hello -

    Yes, this is me all up in your post right now. I have had to slow my roll as I got to the point of, "I've not accomplished as much as I should."

    I decided to commit to one good blog post a week as like you said, with a husband, kids, work and more, life is full.

    Let's work on this one step at a time knowing our steps are ordered anyway and God's got us.


  4. Hey Yulunda,
    Thanks so much for reading and you're encouragement! I know I shouldn't compare myself or question the "speed" of my progress. God's definitely got us :)
    God bless you!!