Jul 30, 2015

3 Things Everyone with A Dream Can Learn from Cheescake Factory

Today as you may know is National Cheesecake Day in the U.S. I was randomly browsing online, secretly wishing (not much of a secret actually) that they had a chain here in Canada. I'm sure they would make some good money. 

Nonetheless, came across an article about how the company got started, and instantly got inspired, and of course I wanted to share :)

Not much of an original

Did y'all know that the original recipe wasn't even "original"??? Evelyn Overton, the Detroit homemaker whose recipe is now a heavily guarded secret, actually got the recipe from a newspaper!! All she did was follow the recipe and because everyone loved it, her family was smart enough, and business savvy enough to capitalize on it. 

Ladies, there are so many ideas out there that have already been invented. We get discouraged at times listening to peoples' opinion that the market is oversaturated. So what? Yes, "everyone" does and sells hair. Yes, "everyone" sells graphic Tees. And yes, "everyone" is a blogger. You need to realize however that you have something unique concerning a non-unique opportunity. You just need to believe in yourself enough to dare pursue it. 

Started from the bottom (literally) 

Ms. Overton started her business in her basement kitchen! I'm sure when she started she never dreamed of how big the business would grow. But guess what? You don't need to have it all figured out to get started. I've quoted Tony Robbins before saying this, but it deserves repeating:

"It's not resources, but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference" 

If you need to run your business from the garage, do it. Heck, I've even seen some very functional offices in a closet space! I'm telling y'all, we are too full of excuses. Start where you have to, but please, START.

Used the last of their savings

Now once you've actually started and you notice that you've got a hold of something that could actually take off. You need to have the guts to put your money where your mouth is. If you've ever watched Shark Tank, one of the questions they always ask is how much money the owner has invested themselves. You can't expect somebody else to invest in you if you're not willing to do it yourself. 

Investing can be many things, it could be an online course, learning how to use a camera class for dope pictures, it can be renting a space or facility, or perhaps attending a conference for learning and networking purposes. Whatever form of investing you come across, trust me, to get to the next level you are going to have to invest something.

I hope this inspired you to take the plunge and go pursue your dreams. Who knows, you could be the owner of the next big franchise. But we'll never know unless you try :)

Let me know below what fears you think hold people back from pursuing their dreams.

Love & Bless Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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