Jul 2, 2013

Getting it Done - Putting Plans into Action

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Happy Tuesday all!! Hope you all had a lovely day. I had a good day today. Reminding myself to stay positive and think positive. Staying positive will allow me to attract more positive in my life :)

Ordered one of my books today. As part of my goals, I'm going to finish reading 3 books, so I ordered the first one off Amazon today and it felt really good. To put my plan into action felt like accomplishing it would be a breeze. Initially when I wrote them (the goals) down, it felt good, but I was still somewhat thinking "By God's grace".  

I also broke down how I'm going to start saving each pay period in order to reach my end goal at the end of the year. Breaking down a goal into smaller goals makes them more manageable, more attainable, and your chances of success increase. 

I find that there is a lot in life that we sit on our bums, or down on or knees pleading and praying for, yet God's already done it for you. Say you're starving and you're sitting on your couch praying for food, begging God to feed you, yet your fridge is as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey. All you gotta do is get up off your bum, take your behind to the kitchen and cook something up. Voila, God just fed you!

Being lazy or complacent is no excuse or a valid reason to not do any work. I think many times people convince themselves they're alright and content because they don't want to have to put in the little extra to get a lot extra out. 

Courtesy of designeditor.typepad.com
Plan, take action, and don't be afraid to break a lil sweat. Pretty girls (and black girls) sweat. Ain't no shame in it either. Cause when you're sitting nice and high, having achieved all that you set out to do, won't anybody say anything about the work you put in. It's as if it never happened.  So go on girl, break that sweat :)

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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