Jul 13, 2015

Making Money by Making YOU the Brand

Since writing the post last week about changing ones mindset as it pertains to how we treat money and acquire wealth, I've got to know of Nicole Walters, aka Naptural Nicole. Nicole is among many things a blogger, however how she has impacted me of late with her Periscopes, is her passion and education about "monetizing thyself™" as she puts it. This is literarily her mantra, her call to action, her mission!

Making Money Monetize

The importance of the concept to monetize oneself goes beyond just making money, it's about seeing the value, power, and impact that we all have within. Gone are the days when we look at ourselves as helpless and powerless. Self-perception is everything when it comes to making a difference. "As a man thinketh, so is he" (Prov. 23:7)


So what does monetizing actually mean? Oxford dictionaries defines it as "convert into or express in the form of currency". How does that translate to your life - know your worth! Literally, you are worth dollars. Your life and experiences have taught you plenty, share it with world. Someone will find it valuable enough to pay for it.


Why bother you ask? Not only is it a way to diversify your income (if you already have a 9-5), but it will build your self-esteem. If you've never considered your intellectual property as valuable, realizing that what you've been through was not really about you, but to help & serve someone else, is an incredible boost to your sense of purpose. You see, your knowledge and subsequent worth is not limited to what you learnt in school. The school of hard-knocks has been known to teach lessons money can't buy. Hold a seminar/webinar and set somebody else free. 

Earl Nightingale says that your rewards (compensation, money or otherwise) in life will always match your service. So be of value to somebody else, and life will reward you. I say life, because your reward may not come from who you initially served. However the law of reciprocity, law of attraction, whatever you want to call it, will repay you. 


With the advancement of technology, you have a front seat, a platform, and access to the entire world! You obviously don't have to minister or serve the entire world, but you have access, and that's what I want you to realize. Yes, the internet is a viable tool, but it's not a necessary tool. You can have tremendous impact locally. You can for instance mentor in your local church. 

You might say you don't have the resources to share what you want to share they way you want to share it. Well Tony Robins says, 

"It's not resources but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference."  

Everyone can find an excuse but if you want it bad enough, you'll find a way instead. And this brings me to my final point, 

Invest in YOU! I heard someone yesterday say, you can't expect using freebies alone to take you to the next level. To start monetizing yourself you may not have to spend anything. However, you can't expect others to spend top dollars on you if you yourself aren't willing to invest (at least) that same amount in yourself.

Comment below different ways which you think you could monetize yourself. Or if you want ideas, tell me what you do (or what your knowledge is) and we'll brainstorm together :)

Love & Bless Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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