Jul 8, 2015

Money Ain't Everything, But it's Up There with Oxygen

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black wealth moneyAs the blog title suggest, we're here to talk about money. The title is also a quote from a woman whose mentoring I love, Rita Davenport. Money, money, money, the thing we all want, but are looked at as greedy if we admit it, looked at as good-for-nothing if we don't have it, yet hated on if we do, and don't share it according to other peoples opinion. Why is this subject so controversial, yet so necessary?

This post won't answer that age old question, however I join in with the Tylers in trying to break the silence and start a conversation that can spare the next generation a whole lot of pain and suffering. 

As a mom, like many of you, we want our children to do better, have better, and be better than we did, had, or are. A major part of that is teaching our kids simple principles and values that a lot of children outside of the African-American community learned before 1st grade. 

Simple things like savings!! 

Sounds like a simple concept, yet half a generation is able to sport the latest Jordan's, have the newest iPhone, but don't have $100 in a savings account. That to me has to change, and stems from what I believe to be a flawed mindset. 

If we operate from a scarcity mindset, or one that says, "things ain't never gonna change - might as well", then YES, we are creating that reality, and things won't change.

For things to change and to create generational wealth, we've got to take ownership and realize that it starts with us as parents. Yes we want to pass on the tools they'll need to succeed, but we should also want to pass on the money they'll need to succeed. Why have our children start off their careers in debt (student loans) if we can prevent it? Do what you gotta do, and set the expectation of success. Les Brown, another mentor I love, says that you can determine someones expectations by their behaviour. Act as if! Or like Steve Harvey puts it, act like a success. 

Generation One BMWKIf you believe this is possible, you won't mind doing the things that the majority of other people won't do, so that you can have what they don't. Your belief and willingness to change your future generation's perception and knowledge about how money works, starts with discipline. Nobody said it was going to be easy. Changing a mindset and consequent behaviour rarely is, but it is oh so worth it!

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Love & Bless Y'all!

Stay Pretty and Precious, 

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler are co-founders of BlackAndMarriedWithKids.com. They wrote and directed Generation One to give African American families the tools and strategies they need to begin building wealth for their families TODAY. The Tylers know this film has the power to change lives. You can grab your copy HERE. This post includes affiliate links. 

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