Oct 11, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Hey guys! A late night post here. The kids where off from school today so my little routine was somewhat interrupted hanging out with them. Hope everyone had an awesome day today though. Mine started off well, then took a dive, but I was determined to remain positive and thank God no matter what, and my day turned around to something quite amazing :)

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Don't let circumstances steal your joy. You have the choice and ability to turn any perspective to a positive one and to thank God regardless of whatever. Today I found myself intentionally seeking after God's blessings in my life, just pondering on the evidence of His grace and favour. By doing this I found more and more proof of His greatness in my life. It allowed me to remain positive throughout the day regardless of some other nonsense that was going on, lol. 

I pray that regardless of the circumstances, you are able to have a great and positive weekend. Keep your head up and your eyes set on the hill, "from whence cometh my help" (Ps 121:1 KJV).

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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