Oct 10, 2013

Switch-up the Limelight

Good morning!! Hope everyone is doing great. I'm kinda sluggish myself. Need to work on getting more sleep, lol. I don't know how people do it, work off of 4-5 hours of sleep. The saying "I'll sleep when I'm dead" does not apply to me, lol. I need my rest to function properly. 

Before I forget, my Instagram feed has been showing pictures of a missing boy named Avonte in New York City.  The fact that he has non-verbal autism limits his option to (verbally) call for help. So I thought I'd do my part and be his voice to spread the word. I have more American followers on here than on Instagram which is why I'm posting this here instead. Anyone with information is asked to call NYPD's crime stoppers hotline at 800-577-TIPS (800-577-8477).

In light of the missing child I just want to point out the importance to take the focus off ourselves from time to time. It's so easy to be wrapped up in our own mess, our own problems, issues, what have you, but the world doesn't revolve around us. I'm sure you've heard it's more blessed to give than to receive. And it's true.

Taking the focus off yourself helps to put your own life in perspective. You may come to realize that things aren't as bad as they seem. And even if they are, not dwelling on them surely ought to put you out of your misery. Even if only for a day or an hour. 

So today I challenge us to take the limelight off of ourselves and put the focus on someone else :)

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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