Aug 15, 2014

Are You Ready To Be Blessed?

It's literally 11:44 PM and I'm determined to get this post up. My little one just went to sleep (I haven't quite managed to put my 5 month old on a schedule... I know, not good. I don't know how some of you mothers do it, y'all have your babies on the clock, lol). 

Speaking of parenting, it's a task in and of itself, however when you're trying to simultaneously hustle on building up something so that you can leave a legacy for the next generation, tough doesn't even nearly describe it. Determination is the only thing that can keep you going. 


Someone told me today though not to be too harsh on myself, and that everything happens in God's perfect timing. Don't mistake this for an excuse to slack off though. Yes, God knows the time and the hour, however we need to be prepared for that appointed hour. 

In a YouTube video I saw, from one of my favorite christian life coaches, Bronzegoddess01, she spoke of a girl who wanted a shout-out I believe, and Bronzegoddes asked her, "Are you ready to be blessed?" The girl didn't quite understand, and BG (as Bronzegoddes sometimes refers to herself as) went on to explain, if she does the shout-out, is she prepared for all the business coming her way? Are the business cards printed? Do you have sufficient inventory? Do you have the time? Etc.

So while we work hard, hustling, praying and waiting, just you wait. The discipline it takes to get there, is the same discipline it'll take to stay there. So never think it's for nothing, you're gearing yourself up to be blessed!! 

I really want you guys to check out the video because it's real good, and I believe it will bless and speak to some of you guys.

Love & Bless Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious

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