Nov 6, 2013

You've Got the Victory

Hey guys! Hope everyone's day is going good. Mine's been great so far. I have bible study to go to later on which should be great too. 

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I was going over some financial statements earlier and I was overcome with gratitude over how I've made it thus far. I've lived in my hose for a year now and when we moved in things looked pretty dismal on a number of fronts. However looking back, I'm amazed at how God has supported my family. I can't even tell you how, I don't have a logical explanation for it all, but somehow, He's seen me through and made sure that I'm ok. Looking at these financial transactions, and I couldn't tell you where the money came from (other than my pay checks). 

I mentioned before that I received an unexpected financial windfall which helped me and my family out tremendously, however today I realized, I've had more than one of those unexpected and unexplained financial windfalls. God is good!! Believe me, I've seen it for myself, and it's not always obvious in the midst of all the chaos, but in the end, you get the victory.

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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