Nov 4, 2013

Winter Chills and Happy "Pills"

Good evening everyone! Almost didn't post anything today. Having not had access for a while affected the rhythm and routine I had going. But the need to post something kept lingering in my mind (and my conscious), so here I am :)

I hope everyone's week started off great. Mine's been good although the way I've been feeling cold lately has me somewhat questioning how on earth I went through last years winter. We haven't even hit the freezing temperatures yet but I'm rocking my Canada Goose with a scarf, lol. 

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I'm not letting the weather get the best of me though. I've got my happy back and I intend on holding onto it with all my might. Happiness is a choice and although at times we feel we're not in control of our emotions, if we put the effort in and practise it enough, we'll realize that we indeed can choose happiness. 

Just as I'm choosing happiness for myself, I'm also going to work on my self-discipline to blog like I should. I'm a working progress, lol. Besides, nobody's perfect, so don't let anybody else dictate how you feel or view yourself, your circumstance or your life. Remember, only God has the final say :) 

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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