Sep 27, 2013


Good-morning my blessed and highly-favoured readers! Hope everyone had a good nights sleep and is geared and ready for a fantastic day. Whatever your preferred method, be it prayer, meditation, a good cup of coffee or catching the latest on your twitter/Instagram feed, set yourself up for a great day. People's various morning routines interest me because they can differ so greatly. Like I personally need breakfast to function (and I don't drink coffee, despise it actually), whereas I have friends who's stomachs can't hold food in the morning, it pretty much ruins their day. 

Just like our morning routines differ in a number of ways, so does all the other aspects of our life. What works for you may not, and doesn't have to work for somebody else. It's important that we get to know ourselves well enough and deep enough that we're comfortable in our own skin just as we are. 

I've often sought out biography's and testimonies of how other people got their
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breakthrough, how they achieved their goals and dreams. Just recently I read someone's testimony about going through their "wilderness" for 7 years until they finally arrived on the other side. I also read what this particular person did during these 7 years. Subconsciously I'm here thinking, 'Ok, that's what I gotta do, ok 7 years hmm, I guess I can hold on a couple of more years to reach that number, etc...'  That's crazy though that I even aloud myself to think that. Her path is not my path. Testimonies are there to encourage us, not necessarily to mimic. Unless the spirit of God reveals to you that this is what you need to do, just like so-and-so, then fine. Otherwise, give it a "Amen, Hallelujah" and continue on the journey that God set out for you

Accepting yourself, even with your failures is not always easy, but you are all you'll ever be. You'll never be Joyce Myers, Paula White, TD Jakes or Cece Winans, so BE YOU! Pray that God will reveal His perfect plan for your life and know that He can and will use you, even in your current state if you let Him :) 

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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