May 3, 2013

Let go, Let God

Happy Friday! Hope your week was great. Sitting here thinking and trying to figure out what to share with you lovely ladies today, and I'm drawing a blank, lol.

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I wanted to share some comedic relief, but my funny moments are very sporadic. So I went on Pinterest where I love to brows and just get inspiration in general and I came across this picture right here: 
And of course I felt targeted.

Here I am wanting to share something of value, but nothing too deep, being Friday night and all. And my brain was just going and going as I stared at a blank computer screen.

I've been guilty of over-thinking plenty, and I know I'm not the only one. Over-thinking 10 steps ahead, even accounting for various scenarios. It's just too much and unnecessary at times. 

Over-thinking in my opinion stems from fear and falsely has us thinking that we're better prepared for what's to come that way, or worse yet, stops us in our tracks altogether. Now I'm not saying enter all things blindly, however over-thinking is either convincing us to do, or not to do. And most times we already know the answer. 

I knew I was going to blog today, but over thinking the details didn't make coming up with today's post any easier. It came to me once I relinquished my paranoia and just thought about something else instead. (Gotta love Pinterest, lol). 

If you find yourself over-thinking details that aren't adding to your sense of peace, do yourself a favour and stop. Take a step back, let it go, and see God work out those details. After all, He's the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)

Go into this weekend with your mind and senses wide open, taking in all that it has to offer. Be blessed y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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