May 2, 2013

Being in Touch With Your Feelings

As women our feelings sometimes get the better of us. They can make decisions harder, more complicated and just downright emotional. 

Why is it that we women are so emotional anyways? Emotional or not, being in touch with yourself and your feelings is an exercise, a self evaluation, where our motives and agenda are scrutinized. 

The fact that women are for the most part emotional beings, a lot of the decisions we make are not necessarily sound choices, but choices based on how we feel at that moment in time. There are decisions I've made based on how I felt and in retrospect, once that particular felling is gone, the decision I made appears somewhat stupid. The funny thing is that the rational choice appears so crystal clear. 

I will admit that I am emotional, and my husband will definitely nod in agreement. There are times when I've asked myself, why do I care?!! But I can't help it. Or so I think. 

There are plenty of positive feelings that we experience, but there are also the not so positive. Jealousy, anger, bitternes, hopeless, judgemental and discouraged are all feelings that we can and need to harness. 

How you ask? Well it starts with admitting that you feel what you actually feel, which requires you being in touch with your emotions. I remember before when I said that I didn't like Beyonce (I clearly don't know her or have anything against her as a person, I just didn't see what all the hype was about), people said that I was just hating and secretly jealous. So I took a minute and examined my feelings, and my conclusion was, nope, not jealous. 

Sometimes it takes that extra effort though to examine, identify and then deal with the emotion at hand. If it's not Godly, it's gotta go. Doesn't mean that we're not entitled to those feelings, however it doesn't justify acting on them. Have nothing nice to say (or do)? Zip it, take a seat, and say a prayer instead. Not for the individual causing you to feel this way, but for yourself. 

I know according to some, there's no taste sweeter than the taste of revenge, however leave it to God. He'll right your wrong, He'll avenge you.

Ps 55:22 (Good News Translation) says "Leave your troubles [burdens/feelings] with the Lord, and He will defend you; He never lets honest people be defeated."

So once you've gotten in touch, identified and examined your feelings, give them to God:)

Be Blessed!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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