May 1, 2013

I Want to Challenge You!

May 1st!! New month, new season's finally becoming apparent. This is what I consider to be spring. 

How are y'all doing? I'm almost 3 months into this blogging journey and I would love to hear from you guys. If there's a particular topic or point of view that you'd like to see discussed, holler at your girl :)

In saying that, it's by God's grace that I've managed to do this for 3 months, everyday. Determination and perseverance will take you far, remember that.

In the spirit of good moods and positive vibes, I'm not going to dwell on any sad news that's all over my instagram feed right now. Bad and sad things should not be our sole motivator to change and make the most out of life.

So with that, I want to share some great news with y'all, or perhaps remind you rather. The news is.... You're Alive! Take a moment with me and celebrate LIFE. 

I'm challenging you, for just 1 minute, meditate on all the good in your life and reflect on how far God has brought you. I know you may still have a mile long prayer request list, but for this one minute, forget about what you don't have and focus on what you do have. 

To help you get started, I'll share part of what I'm grateful and thankful for today:

  • Chocolate cake and chocolate bars (Snickers), yes, I love chocolate, lol.
  • Hubby took the big boys out to play baseball, and at the same time the baby took a nap so I had absolut peace and quiet, for about an hour :)
  • My iPhone - I absolutely LOVE this phone and all its Apps
  • The current 20% sale at Old Navy - It's not Nordstroms, Macy's or Saks 5th Ave, but hey... For those wardrobe basics, it's a gem.
  • Electricity, making this blog post possible :)
My list may have surprised you and seem trivial, this was intentional. It's obvious that I'm grateful for life, health, a home, healthy kids, family, awesome weather, clean water, cable TV (lol). I just want you to stretch your imagination and be grateful for things that are easily taken for granted. Try to come up with 5 unique things every day. 

It's time we don't just say we're blessed, but feel blessed.

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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