Apr 30, 2013

Why You Should Be a Go-Getter

Hey Ladies, hope your day has been fabulous as always. I just watched one of my fav Youtubers, the BronzeGoddess do a  rant video on female "gold-diggers". And I just had to add my two cents and share with you guys.

As you might have figured out, I'm all about women rising above, doing well, feeling great, and just being all around well rounded women of virtue. Having said that, I'm not what you might call a "girl power" advocate. I recognize that men are good, they're not all dogs and biblically they are the head of the household. That topic's for another day though, lol.

So what inspires a woman to want to depend on, and actually seek out a man to financially support her? I just don't get it. I have no problem with housewives who do depend on their man, however after she has already established and educated herself. 

All that glitters ain't gold! I know you know this, so marrying a singer, "baller" or athlete doesn't automatically imply you're set for life.

Setting, meeting and accomplishing your own goals will allow you to not only feel accomplished, but the drive that desire creates will add a sense of purpose to your life. Discovering your purpose and feeling purposeful is in my opinion the reason for living. And trust and believe there's more to your purpose than rocking Louboutin red bottoms and Herm├Ęs handbags. (Although they are beautiful, lol).

So be a go-getter, go get yours, and live a purposeful life. Be bless y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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