Apr 19, 2013

Well Mannered, Spoken, DRESSED

T.G.I.F. my ladies!! Although really everyday that we're alive we should thank God :) Hope you all had an awesome week. Weekend's here and I get to sleep in. Well kind of, as long as my baby lets me, lol. 

Some of you may be getting ready to go out and have some fun, or you perhaps you have a beautiful event to attend tomorrow. I don't know about you, but I often find it cumbersome to find the appropriate dress that has enough sexy, but still enough class. Enough elegance while still being flattering. Specially as a Christian, how long should the skirt be now again? Lol, I never know. And if it's long enough does it matter how tight it is?

It obvious you can't please everyone, so I just do what feels right. I usually also implement the rule that if I have to think long hard about it, it's probably a no and I shouldn't be wearing it. How do you guys feel about the so called "Christian dress code"? Is it place and time, or do we "represent" 24/7?

Either way, however you choose to embellish your beautiful curves, honor who you are. 

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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