Apr 18, 2013

Sharing is Caring

I wanted to talk to you guys about sharing, giving, or sacrificing something that is valuable to you. My pastor recently challenged a group of us to give up something of value to us. It could be money, time, or an item of some sort. However not something that you were ready to donate to Goodwill, rather something that means something to you, is valuable to you. I actually didn't realize how much of a challenge this is for people (myself included). We all work hard for what we have and not everyone is fortunate to have excess of everything.

So today the opportunity presented itself where I had the opportunity to either keep this item that I actually use and need, or give it someone else. Although it only took a second for me to give it, the feeling I was left with afterwards was not what I expected. Many times there is a sense of fulfillment or joy in knowing that you could be there for someone else, however this time around I actually felt somewhat annoyed. It bothered me that this other person didn't care for something they clearly needed, and now I'm left without, lol. Sounds silly, but I'm just being honest. I did confess though that God would bless me with a better version of what I gave up, or something bigger and better period. I also repented for wanting this person to show more gratitude towards my gift, because at the end of the day my reward will not come from them, but from God. We're supposed to give with a cheerful heart, not only our tithes and offerings, but all giving and gifts.

I hope that your hearts remain pure and cheerful as you give of yourself and/or of your possessions. And remember, your reward comes from up above. Be blessed!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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