Feb 14, 2013

Love in Action

Happy Valentines day to you all! I truly hope you've had a great day.  I personally had a nice quiet day.  My hubby isn't a great fan of all the commercial hype of this day, but he does a little something to put a smile on my face.  He actually made me breakfast, which is a lot for someone who hardly ever cooks anything. And besides it's all about the little things anyway I think.

Seeing how this day is all about love I figured I'd write something about it. I find the word love is thrown around a lot without any substance behind it.  It's fairly easy to claim you love someone, but true love is shown in your actions.  How you treat someone will always speak volumes more than what you say.  Don't get me wrong, words do matter, and the saying "sticks and stones..." is so not true.  Your actions need to match your words though or your credibility will fade fast.

There was a time when one's word was everything, your bond so to speak. In fact the motto of the London Stock Exchange is "My word is my bond", implying you can take it to the bank, this promise will be kept. Love in action however is so much more effective. Just to make that little extra effort to show love can make a huge difference, and that difference will be rewarded. The law of reciprocity states that you get what you give, so why not go the extra mile to show love? I promise it will be worth your while :)

Peace & Love folks!

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