May 27, 2014

How You Can Change Your Life

Just make sure they're YOURS
Hi guys!! Hope you're all having a wonderful day. Today I'm excited to come to you guys with a post that's part of the Whose Shoes Blog Tour. What's this you ask? Click on the link to learn more and read the other posts, but basically, along with many other inspiring bloggers, we're writing posts that aim to provide insight on your journey to uncovering your God-given purpose. And how better to do this than boldly in the shoes He designed just for you :) 

The most important part of the equation to uncovering your purpose is YOU. Seems rather obvious, but I also know how much time we spend trying to emulate people we look up to. A quote I read from a book called Purpose Awakening by TourĂ© Roberts reads "You'll never get what your jealousy can't stand to see another have." Be careful your admiration isn't jealousy in disguise. 

I believe that in order to not be jealous of anyone else you truly need to love yourself for who you are, flaws and all. There's nobody perfect, regardless of what appearances look like. YouTube had a popular tag going a while back called My Perfect Imperfections, and that's how you should view your flaws, perfectly imperfect :)

Easier said than done you say. Trust me, I know, but we all have to start somewhere. If you can't love your crooked toe, how are you going love the entire you? Growing up I personally hated my hair (not long enough), my hight (not tall enough), my complexion (not light enough), even my name, believe it or not (I LOVE my name now). To put things in perspective, I grew up in Sweden where people are taller, fairer and have hair like their famous childhood icon Pippi Longstocking. My afro-puffs and cornrows where nowhere close. (These weren't in back then). As for my name, it was butchered more than I care to remember so I wanted a name everyone could pronounce like Sara or Anna (popular Swedish names). 

Then I move to North America, and it turns out I'm not that short or dark skinned, and better yet, people can actually say my name! Lol. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking anyones complexion or hight, I'm just explaining that the perspective of a thing is how I overcame my insecurities and learned to love them. There's another quote that says, "change your perspective, change your life", and it truly works.

I don't know what you struggle with, what you hate about yourself, but know that God made us different for a reason. Don't be a knockoff, be the original you were created to be. Sounds cheesy I know, but it's the truth, for YOU were fearfully & wonderfully made.

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

Christine K. St.Vil (founder of Moms ‘N Charge) & Julian B. Kiganda (founder of Bold & Fearless) are two sisters who decided to get together and write a book about gaining powerful insights from a spiritual perspective on why it’s important to find and fit into your own God-given shoes. They know this book has the power to change lives. You can grab your copy HERE. 

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