Nov 13, 2013

Who Dictates Your Decisions?

Hey guys! How's your Wednesday going? All well I hope. Personally haven't done much today. One of those days I guess, feeling mellow. Did take some time out to meditate and pray and was reminded to include God in everything I say and do. 

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So often we think and react on our feet based on how we feel at the time. Being quick on one's feet isn't always bad however at times a delayed, but calculated and God-inspired response is much more effective. 

As believers I think most of us know to include God in the big decisions that we have to make: house purchase, car purchase, potential spouse, etc. However we need to remember to include God in the smaller decisions and actions we take as well. It can make the world of a difference in terms of how you get to your desired end results.

So if you don't already, try and make it a point to pray every morning and commit everyone in your family to God and ask the Holy Spirit to remind you to include God in everything you do.

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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