Oct 2, 2013

Why Choose to Follow?

Good morning my lovely readers! How's everyone doing this lovely day? All good I hope. 

I read something interesting this morning about Jesus not being a "happy pill".
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The article asked the question if we would still follow Christ even if our lives never improved. I've never really thought of it like that. I mean I know He's not a happy-pill and that choosing Christ doesn't imply a life on a bed of roses with no struggle. But I guess I've always looked at a life with Him as an improvement in and of itself. 

I don't think people choose God with the hopes or intentions of becoming rich or problem free. Granted it's not that encouraging when you see your friends "in the world" do more and go further. It's more about having inner peace regardless of your circumstances. A peace that surpasses all understanding (Phil 4:7). 

Christians have suffered from depression I'm sure, but our faith is what keeps us going. I was a little down today when it dawned on me that I've lived in my house for an entire year this month and I've done nothing to this place yet. And trust me, there's plenty that needs to be done and get fixed. My inability to get this place hooked up has solely been due to my financial state. And though petty to some, interior decorating is a passion of mine and I'll take a comfortable home over fashion gear any day. 

Having said all that, not having Jesus wouldn't improve my situation, so why not choose Him, the hope of glory and at least have Him be the centre of my joy, the source of my strength, rather than the missing (but much needed) living, dining and kitchenette set :)

Stay positive guys.

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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