Oct 1, 2013

Keep your Dreams Alive

Good-morning everyone! Hope y'all are doing wonderful. We've got a new day with brand new opportunities before us. I sure hope you make the most of it, and as the say, seize the day :)

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There's not one day that's ever wasteful, it may feel so at times, but everyday we have the opportunity to create, build, expand or further pursue our dreams. Everyone started somewhere so never despise small beginnings. It's your persistence and endurance that will pay off. 

Regardless of how things may appear, never give up on your faith. I've been guilty of feeling "defeated" and that x,y,z will never happen. But then something inside of me refuses to resonate with that reasoning. It will come to pass! Just like He said it would. So be of good cheer people and have a terrific Tuesday :)

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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