Oct 4, 2013

Rain, Rain go Away...

It's a rainy Friday morning here in Toronto. Kind of puts a sombre mood or atmosphere perhaps to the day. Not planning on going out unless I absolutely have to (which I don't foresee happening). Gives me time to reflect perhaps, or clean up. House chores are the worst, but I can't stand a messy environment, disturbs my inner chi (or Qi), so it's gotta get done *sigh*. 

Speaking of Qi, inner peace, energy flow, whatever you call it, how do you manage yours? It's not always about prayer and meditation, sometimes things don't need to be "super spiritual" to be practical and efficient. For instance for myself, particularly on a rainy day, a nice cup of tea does wonders for my soul :)

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As we head into the weekend, find a way to keep your mood and spirits positive. Don't try to cram in all the task and chores that didn't get completed during the week. Pace yourself, relax, and enjoy. If you're like me and need a tidy environment to be at peace, do it while listening to your favourite music or something. Anything to keep you smiling. There's enough things going on to put a frown on our face so even though tedious work needs to get done, let's do it with a smile :)

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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