Aug 28, 2013

Finding Joy in Everyday Life

Hey ladies! Happy Wednesday to y'all. Hope you're feeling nice and lovely. Today's my hubby's birthday and although we didn't do much, we're grateful God saw him through another year. 

There's been so many tragedies going on lately so the gift of life is truly one to be grateful for. Other than that it's been another hot day here in Toronto. The humidity we've got is no joke, lol. But I'm not complaining cause I hear Florida has it worse. 

So something I read today I found to be quite eye opening, or at least thought provoking. This article titled "You Don't Need to Find Your Purpose to Live Your Best Life" somewhat challenged me in the sense that lately, finding my purpose is my mission in life. 

The article discusses that you don't have to wait until this epiphany or great "a-ha" moment comes upon you to enjoy your life, or as the article puts it, live your best life. 

It also states that you can live your best life everyday. How I came to interpret the article is: Don't postpone your joy. Live for the moment! Yes, we all have a purpose in life, and I still believe that we should seek God as to what that is, however don't assume that you're not currently living it. 

Being a wonderful parent, teacher, mentor, janitor, what have you could very well be your purpose. Your job is therefore to find the joy in those things. Like I said yesterday, it's all in your perspective. My pastor shared a story that he saw on the news of a custodian who worked at NASA who was asked how it feels to work there. He corrected the reporter stating that they may view him as a cleaner but in his view, he sends people out to space. Perspective. 

You see everyone has a role, and no role can or should be trivialized because no matter how seemingly small, it fulfills a vital function. It's all part of a bigger picture. You may not see the big picture but trust in God because He does, and He also knows how you best fit into that picture. 

"The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. [...]" (Ps 138:8)

Todays Take Away Thought: Finding your purpose should never be tedious task preventing you from enjoying your life. Enjoy your life today and your purpose will be revealed. 

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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