Jun 24, 2013

In Him I find my Rest

Hope everyone's start to the week was a great one and that you had a pleasant Monday.  I personally had a decent day. Wasn't bad, but my mind started drifting, thinking and analyzing about life as it sometime does. 

I easily get frustrated and grow impatient with what I perceive to be slow progress once I start thinking too much. There's just so much I want to do and accomplish and I'm so over my current circumstance. But I tell myself I can't grow weary. 

How exactly does one prevent weariness though? Someone should write a book about that. The easy and obvious solution would be to take a break, have a nap, something. But for us that have been through, how do you catch a break when it seems life won't give you one?

Honestly, God is the only one who can give me peace of mind. If it hadn't been for God... where would I be? Yes I know that's a Smokie Norful song, but it's also my song. I seriously would have lost my mind a long time ago. But God!

He holds the victory, He holds my victory, and I will see my purpose be fulfilled. If you're feeling discouraged, if you're fed up, had enough and just want to call it quits. Don't be discouraged, don't beat yourself up for not being 100% positive at that time. We're human and we have feelings, both good and bad. Just don't let the bad thoughts dominate your life. Give them to God and see him turn it around for you.  He can, and He will, if you let Him..

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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