Jun 25, 2013

To whom do you belong?

Walking home from work today, I'd gotten some real good news regarding something I've been praying about and I was just thinking about the goodness of God. 

While praising him on my way to the subway (I often use time like that to either pray or praise) it came to me that I am the daughter of a King! That's whom I belong to. 

You know how celebrities often roll with a posse or a crew, and the "members" of this crew have credibility or can easily find favor with restaurants, stores, clubs, what have you, by simply stating who they role with, i.e. belong to. 

Now think about who you're "rolling" with. You've got the King of Kings in your corner, the Lord of Lords. What have we to fear but fear itself? The world can't touch you. Not that we're invincible, but whatever they try to throw at you, won't defeat you. You'll come out on top. 

That's the mentality you have to keep. Defeat starts in the mind. Don't let the devil get a hold of your mind, your thoughts. Remain steadfast and know that the victory is yours. 

I had been told no regarding something at my workplace, and I was told there's nothing that can be done. I knew in my heart that regardless of what man had to say, God had something in store. I just knew. Without any urging on my part, I simply got an email changing the previous "no" I'd gotten into a yes. Glory to God!

To whom do you belong?! Gain some confidence in the God that you serve! He is almighty, and He has the final say. When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no!

So stand firm, be encouraged, and know that your victory is already won :)

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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