Jun 26, 2013

The power of words

The power of words. If you've never stopped to think that your words carry life and death, you should. Yesterday I was just speaking out loud claiming certain things. Didn't think much of it then, until what I spoke actually manifested itself today!

It kind of caught me by surprise and I was amazed at how this concept of speaking things into existence actually works. I always new it worked, but I think the short time in-between led to the clear visualization of cause-n-effect. Because of this I was speaking all sorts of things into existence in my life today, and I know they are on their way :)

Usually when I've heard of people speak on the power of the tongue, it pertains to being careful what you speak and the negative words that we sometimes utter without any hesitation.

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My emphasis today though is all about the positive life you can speak into existence. Speak over yourself, and encourage yourself. Tell God how and what you want. When you're asking for money, speak what it is you want to use that money for. Praying for a new car? Be specific on year, make and model. I don't think being picky about what you want is being arrogant. It's your God given taste so why not express it. Expressing it will cause the law of attraction to commence and it is only a matter of time until what you have spoken into existence is manifested before you.

Don't believe me? Try it..

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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