Jun 27, 2013

Receiving Confirmation

Talking to my friend today, we were discussing how God always confirms His word.  That voice within you, talking to you, encouraging you, is the spirit of God, and if you trust that voice, God will confirm and reward your obedience.

It can be a small matter like taking a different route to work, or a bigger matter like quitting your job. Whatever the case, when you hear that still voice within, trust it. 

If you're ever uncertain, which might be the case when it comes to bigger life altering decisions, ask God to confirm His word. A simple prayer saying God if this is you, confirm your word, is all you have to do. And He will

I've often gotten confirmations without even having asked for it. And that is simply God's way of letting me know, that what I'm feeling, doing, or thinking is ordained by Him.

The confirmation in and of itself is really encouraging, but it doesn't end there. Your act of obedience, walking in faith, will further bring about encouragement through tangible blessings. Doors being opened and opportunities that you never saw coming will present themselves to you and you'll feel so elated for having listened and obeyed that still voice :)

As always, Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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