Jun 23, 2013

Start Prepping

Today's been a HOT day. We've all been sweating like crazy over here, lol. Not complaining, my body just has to adjust to the heat. Proud to say I completed some much overdue yard work, which is always a relief. I tell myself that I have to prove to God that I am capable of taking care of my little yard and my home, as I believe Him for my mansion ;)  As Matthew 25:23 says, if we're faithful with little, He'll put us in charge over much.

It's easy to ask God for x,y,z, but are we truly ready and prepared for the blessing we're crying out for? I heard one of my favorite YouTubers, the BronzeGoddess, pose the question to someone she was going to give a shout-out of on her channel. The person in question was selling something, and was asked if she had her website up and running, business cards, enough stock to sell to a large number of clients etc.

Courtesy of djprophetic.com
You see you may have your little business and want to expand, but are you truly ready? You may want that mansion, but are you willing to clean it? You may want that updated closet, but have you cleared out and donated those clothes you barely wear? You need to make room and prepare for the blessing coming your way.

Another story I heard was of a village praying for rain. At the set upon time that they were going to gather to pray for the rain, only one little boy came with his umbrella. Be prepared. Preparing yourself is in and of itself an act of faith. And seeing as faith without works [action] is dead (James 2:17), it's in your best interest to start prepping.

As always, Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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