Apr 25, 2013

Great Expectations

What do you expect out of life? Expectations are key in every area of our lives. A lot of us don't want to expect anything because we're so used to being let down and disappointed. 

Right now I'm sitting here watching the NFL draft (y'all already know hubby is a sports, football in particular, fan to the 100th degree, lol). All these young men are filled with anticipation, hope and excitement over what's ahead. Being drafted into the NFL and getting PAID, lol. 

I believe that those who expect the most out of life are the ones who get the most out of life. There's a quote by Henry Ford that says, "whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right". Expectations! 

People may have let you down, circumstances and life may have let you down, but you can't let down yourself. Don't allow it. Whatever it is, if it has't happened yet, go get it. Matt 11:12 in the bible says that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. Don't leave it to chance, take back your life, by force

Referring back to the NFL draft, there's a quarterback who was expected to be picked in the top 10. 29 picks later, he still hasn't been drafted. Now he could be bitter and disappointed because the later you get picked, the lower your expected salary will be. However, if he instead expects that he will end up on the right team for him, it won't matter if he's first or last. 

You may not have finished the race (of life) first, but darn it, make sure you finish.

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