Apr 8, 2013

Can You Stand the Rain

Happy Monday!! Hope that everyone's week started off great. My day's been good and right now I'm watching college basketball championships as there's a rainy storm outside. We haven't had a rainstorm in a while, and I'm just grateful I'm indoors and not out and about in the midst of it.

I'm also glad because 2 days ago I did some work in our backyard and I feel like the rain came just in time to water the lawn (based on the old lawn, some re-sodding needs to be done, lol). Although the work in the yard has just begun, the water is much appreciated and will serve as a benefit :)

This past week has consisted of many late nights and I think it's catching up with me. That and the fact that I'm iron deficient (particularly during that time of them month) has me sitting here fighting sleep. I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, and as with all the other posts I want to leave you with a positive message or inspiring word, however right now I'm drawing a blank.

Before I post anything I pray over what I'm about to post and rely heavily on my instincts on what feels right and timely. Right now thou my instincts are yelling "Go to sleep". So with that I just want to say... (see image)

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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