Apr 7, 2013

Keep Pushing

What do you do when the glitz and glamour of your vision and dream seems to have dissipated? You know when you have a dream and particularly when you start working on that dream, everything is exciting and you're sooo driven to see things come to pass. However after a while what can happen is that you actually have to work at it.

Having a burning desire to accomplish something will keep you motivated, however being motivated is not all
peaches and cream. Take loosing weight for example, you're all excited the first couple of weeks and you're going to the gym with a smile. However after a couple of months, you're literally dragging your butt to the gym and forcing yourself to get that workout in. (I know there's some of you who gladly go to the gym everyday, lol, and I'm not referring to you at this time). Everything has a price, a cost, a sacrifice. And it's easy to want someone's success without knowing the price someone paid to have that success.

I want you to find a way to keep yourself motivated and focused on the goal during those days when you're simply not in the mood. It could be a picture, a bible verse or something tangible. Find something that you can look back at (or forward too) that will help carry you. As I'm writing this, I'm about to do just that because there are moments when I'm just not in the mood and I want to quit. I force myself, however I think if I have that something, then I'll have a smile on my face while I keep pushing :)

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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