Apr 23, 2013

Bold, Beautiful & Bodacious... Maya Angelou

It's time for this month's female focus, and the wonderful lady of the month is none other than Maya Angelou. It was her 85th birthday earlier this month so it seems fitting to profile her.

Considering her age, among other things, Ms. Angelou has managed to accomplish a lot in her days. Everything ranging from performing arts (dancer & actress), screenwriter, poet, and of course author.

With such an astonishing voice it's hard to believe that this voice was literary silenced by life's horrific events. At the tender age of 8, Angelou was raped and abused by her mother's boyfriend. Speaking out on what happened to her, the man was convicted however also killed by her uncles upon his release. Believing that her voice killed this man she chose to remain silent and simply didn't talk.

I want you to see how wicked the enemy is.  The very core of her calling and purpose could have been killed had she let it. Believing that her voice kills was the exact opposite of what her voice has done since through her works. 

You may be in a similar situation, thinking and believing that what you feel in your heart to be your purpose can't be done. Maybe someone told you, you can't do it, or you might think that a life event has left you paralyzed and you can no longer follow your dreams. It could be your physical body or your mind and emotions that have you incapacitated, but remember you're able and capable of anything you set your mind to. Just look at the participants in the paralympics, that's determination and ambition in the flesh.

Ms. Maya Angelou overcame and triumphed once she silenced the lies playing in her head, and you can too.

Is there any life event that guys think is simply too hard to overcome? Leave your thoughts and comments below. Be blessed!

Source: http://www.biography.com/

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