Mar 19, 2013

Prayer Changes Things

I hope you all had a great day today. Just want to come at you guys real quick to let you know of a new app that I found today.

I shared yesterday that I was rather frustrated over something and that I just had to trust in God and His timing that what I'm praying for will happen for me. Well today as I was scrolling through my Instagram (feel free to follow me @mz_violette) someone I follow mentioned this new app called 'Instapray.'

Basically what the app is or does, is you post a prayer on your profile and people can then pray for you (similar to liking your status) and/or comment on your prayer (give an encouraging word). It functions somewhat like twitter, however a christian version, lol. What I enjoyed was that after I'd posted my prayer, I got notifications on my phone stating "so-and-so prayed for you", and I got quite a few of them. It just felt so nice to know that strangers where lifting me up in prayer. Specially after having been so frustrated yesterday. I highly recommend the app for anyone with an Android or iPhone. Let's pray for one another, together as one.

I hope the app can be a positive experience in your life too and put a smile on your face as it did mine :)

Stay Blessed!

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