Feb 17, 2013

You were Born for This

So I know I already submitted a post for a today, but I just had to add this.  So as I mentioned I spoke to my family back in Sweden today and my sister mentioned a book that she recommended I read.  The book in question is "You were born for this" by Bruce Wilkinson.  I told her I'd heard of it but never read it. I mentioned to her that I'd look it up on Amazon and perhaps by a used copy. After I'd said that, I thought to myself that I should've said that I'll buy a new book, even though it wasn't in my budget.

So after the conversation I was doing the dishes and trying to think where I'd heard of this book, and I remembered that I have the book!!! How crazy is that? I wasn't positive that it was the actual book, so after I was done with the dishes, I went to check, and lo and behold, voilĂ ! I've never read it, but in my possession is a brand new, hard-cover copy of this book.

I tell you, when you pursue something hard enough, it will pursue you too. I know the law of attraction played a part and I'm just grateful that I already bought
(2 years ago!) the book I was planning on buying :)


  1. Lol...not sure how, but you managed to find a book with a similar title of the one I was talking about. Very close indeed, even with the author. But you know what they say: Ett skepp kommer lastat...

  2. Whaaat? Oh well, it's turning out to be a good read all the same. I guess I was meant to read this one too ;)