Feb 17, 2013

Being the Bigger Person

I just got off the phone after a long FaceTime session with my family back in Sweden. Gotta love technological advances that enable free and easy means of communication 24/7.  I have to say that my family is pretty awesome! We have our crazy moments, but I consider myself truly blessed. It feels good to know that someone's always got your back, through any kind of weather.

I know certain family relations can at times be tricky and unfortunately not everyone does get along.  I just tell people to do what feels right in their heart.  I've witnessed an acquaintance trying to force a relationship with a family member and it blew up in their face and made the relationship even worse. Growing up in a close-knit family I found it unimaginable to not speak to your family, but having seen things, specially since moving to North America, I don't cast any judgement.

Someone I know said that they're sick and tired of being the bigger person and always reaching out without the same effort being reciprocated. I feel that everyone needs to do what will benefit them in the long-run, as long as forgiveness is part of the equation.

Forgiveness looks different for different people.  For some it does imply a great big hug at the end and moving on as if nothing ever happened.  For others it simply means not walking around with chip on your shoulder. A quote I read by Lewis B. Smedes says:

"To Forgive is to set a prisoner Free and discover the prisoner was You."

For you to live your best life and be successful at it, you can't be shackled. At the root, forgiveness has nothing to do with the person you are forgiving, but everything to do with you.  As I previously stated, forgiveness looks different for different people, and everyone needs to examine their hearts to know what it implies for them.  Being the bigger person however won't be a factor, if you're doing it for your own good.  You owe it to yourself to be free, you owe it to yourself to be happy :)

Have a Happy Sunday y'all!

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