Feb 16, 2013

Life is but a Dream

So I just finished watching Oprah's Next Chapter where she was interviewing BeyoncĂ© about her new documentary, "Life is but a dream".  I didn't catch the Oprah show from the beginning, but I gather that BeyoncĂ©'s documentary title is based on the fact that she literary feels her life is, but a dream.  And as I do everyday, it got me thinking, lol.  Honestly though, life should be but a dream. My life should be, but a dream.

I want to fill my life with so much joy and happiness that when I look back, I simply stand in awe at how wonderful life has been, and is. I don't believe that to feel tremendously blessed, life has to have been peaches and cream all the time. On the contrary, I think that it's life's ups and downs that make us appreciate the gift of life even more.  It's definitely all about ones attitude towards life.  If you see the glass as half empty, then sure enough, it's half empty. It's all about your perspective.

I had a c-section giving birth to my 2 youngest, and you better believe that the recovery process hurt like hell. However that's not my focus when I reminisce on their birth.  I remember seeing healthy little boys with 10 fingers and 10 toes.  That was my focus. Don't give your focus and emotion to things that don't matter in the end. Not acknowledging the bad things doesn't mean they weren't real, or didn't hurt.  But you can choose to make that your focus or focus on the beautiful result.  Whatever the experience, there's a positive lesson or gift in all lives experiences.  I sometimes sit back and ask God, "what is this trial or circumstance in my life here to teach me?" when I feel like I'm going through a tough period. Asking the question out loud allows me to look at my circumstance from different angles and try to see what possible lesson or gift it involves. Sometimes I've gotten clarity as quickly as later that day.  But other times it can take years to realize the positive outcome.  That doesn't mean we can't be positive in the meantime, throughout the journey.  Smile and KNOW that all things do work together for your good :)

You decide the quality of your life by how you chose to define joy. Happiness is a CHOICE. So choose to be happy, chase your dreams so you too can reflect back and say... My life is but a dream.

Stay blessed!

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