Feb 19, 2013

Live with Intent

Hey y'all! So I think I'm finally settled on the current layout of this blog.  I might still add a few gadgets, (or widgets which I learned is the technical terminology) later on.  We'll see. Hopefully you like :)

My recent focus on the design and layout of this blog has taken away time that I would otherwise use to read  up on and study on the law of attraction and other material that helps me stay in my positive-attitude state of mind.  I am naturally an optimistic person, but I have fears and worries like the rest of us.  I just choose not to "feed" my fears or worries by further imagining worst-case scenarios. Instead I grow my faith in God and in the effectiveness of positive thinking and proclamations, by reading others' stories of how it's changed their lives, how faith has made every difference in their life.

I don't want to sit on the sidelines and watch everybody else's dreams come true. No! My life is just as valuable and precious and so I intentionally take the time to make sure, every way I know how, I live my best life.

Having said all that, the growth and success of this blog is important to me and now part of my life, so it's all a balancing act, as is everything else in life. Too much of anything ain't good.

I want you to walk away knowing that very rarely do thing "just" happen.  If you want something, want a change, you need to intentionally seek and go after what you want, what you need. I need to have joy in my life, I tried the grumpy route, and it sucks! Big time.  So I will do whatever's in my power to keep my joy.

There's a song that says "The world didn't give it to me, and the world can't take it away."

Don't let anyone steal your joy.

Stay blessed!

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