Feb 25, 2013

Keep it Moving

Not sure if you have caught wind of this phrase which the title of this post has. I hear it quite a bit in reality TV shows, on YouTube, etc. The meaning usually refers to someone encouraging someone else to just "walk on by" or leaving them alone, as in "keep it moving, ain't nothing over here". I've also heard the phrase used when the person using it is expressing their lack of interest. For example "I'm going to keep it moving cause I don't have time for that".

Both examples above I find have a somewhat mean tone to them, however it can be positive if used to encourage someone to simply move one. Today I heard someone say, if you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards. I thought about it for a minute because I didn't automatically agree, but then realized that everything is constantly in motion, right down to the planet we live on.  So if you think you're standing still, the fact that everything else is moving forward, you're being left behind, i.e. moving backwards.

No one likes being left behind, and as kids we let our parents know being picked up last from school is not cool. As grown women though, we only have ourselves to blame if we get left behind. Not everyone is fond of change, however when change happens, adapting is pretty much our only choice. Changing our attitude towards change makes for a more positive experience.

If you want a change but don't see one, then you can be that change you want to see.  Keep moving until you reach your desired goals in life, and once you get there, you'll have (ought to have at least) a new set of goals that will keep you going.

Enjoy your journey!

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