Feb 24, 2013


Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a great day. Mine consisted of church, a trip to the grocery store, watching the Amazing Race, and I'm now watching the Academy Awards. Nothing too exciting as you can tell. I mostly chill indoors during the winter season, hibernation of sorts, lol. I'm truly not a fan of this season as I've previously shared, but a picture my sister shared with me kind of put things in perspective.

Same place, different season.
At the end of day, the winter will end, it's only a season. Just like we go through physical seasons, our lives go through various seasons. Some are less pleasant, while others are simply amazing. All the seasons we experience though serve a purpose and put things in perspective. Experiencing "downs" in our life allow us to appreciate the "ups" so much more. If I lived in a country that had no winter, I'm note sure I would love summer cause it would be all I knew.

Even in sports there are on and off seasons, again, each serving its specific purpose. Whether the on or off season is considered the "good" one I guess all depends on your take on sports. Either way, try to look at the bright, after all, April showers bring May flowers :)

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