Feb 22, 2013

Hold On - Faith will see you through

Faith makes all things possible, not easy. That's something I heard that I think is so true and wanted to share with you guys. Too often I think believers in particular think that things will simply happen for them because they've got faith.  But even the bible says that faith without works is dead, so why is it that this misconstrued conception of God at work exists? Now I'm not saying that God hasn't and doesn't perform miracles without any human intervention, however when it comes to the quality of your life and realizing your dreams, you need to do your part and God will do His.

Faith should give you the courage that no matter what, God's got your back. A fear of failure should not be a concern. Just because something doesn't come easy doesn't mean it's not part of your purpose. However obtaining your purpose involves being purposeful and taking risks. Remember, no risk no reward.  President Roosevelt said it best, "Only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Be rest assured that faith does make all things possible and even when things get a little tough & rough, and everything seems to be going wrong, keep in mind that even the darkest hour only has 60 minutes.

Peace & Love

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