Mar 30, 2014

Find What You Want on the Other Side of Fear

Oh dear blog!! Why is finding a good, consistent posting schedule so challenging??? Do any of you other bloggers struggle with this? If you've found a method that works for you and enables you to post content on a regular basis, please do share. I sure could use the advise.

That aside, I've been hearing God telling me to be fearless lately. Particularly when it concerns how other people view me. For one reason or another, others opinion of me have limited me in terms of what I share and how transparent I am. I have a tendency to put up a facade that I've always got everything together. My reason for having reservations on being completely open is the fear of being judged. I know my life's a testimony of God's goodness, however where do I draw the line of privacy? There are things in my past that I'd much rather forget, but I don't want to be sitting on something that could possibly encourage somebody else. 

Something that's been made known to me is that my life (the struggles, the joys, the success) is not for me and my benefit alone. God's vision is so much bigger and to think it's all about me is simply being conceited (and not to mention narrow minded). 

So here I sit, signs of spring finally appearing (which has me all smiles), wanting to take this, my life, my purpose, this blog, you name it, to the next level, and realizing I can't get there without digging deep. I'm not sure where this journey will take me, what I'll end up sharing, but I what I do know is that it's gotta get done. 

To start me off I've joined with Arianna Huffington's 21-day "On Becoming Fearless" meditation journey. For my siblings in Christ, know that this is not an incense burning, buddha stance type of thing. There are plenty of scriptures that encourage us to meditate; "I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways (Ps 119:15), "May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the LORD." (Ps 104:34), to name a few. And hopefully God will allow this to be a positive starting point in this new season.

The journey starts tomorrow and I plan on blogging my way through it. Feel free to join me if you like :)

Thank you for all your love and support. 

As always, Love & Bless Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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