Aug 5, 2013

My Essence, My Truth, My Purpose

Finding your way in this life isn't always easy. Finding your niche can be tricky, yet that's the only way to be truly happy; finding your calling. 

When you find yourself in that odd place, in limbo where you don't know up from down, left from right, you need to find your centre. 

Your centre is your core, the essence of who you are, and that should be God. God will allow you to shine in your own unique way. Allow yourself to be YOU.  Whatever that may look like, embrace it. God gave His gifts and talents, His beauty and wonder, His kinks and coils to you. Don't change it, shake it, or brake it. You will never fulfill your truest desires if you do. 

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Not saying it's easy but it's necessary. It may require some self-awareness, soul searching, praying and fasting, but as they say, nothing worth while comes easy. 

I'm personally in that place where I'm seeking clarity in my true purpose, wanting it to come to fruition and just be in purpose. The journey ain't easy and I'm trying to appreciate it more so than see it as a means to and end. 

What tomorrow holds, I have no clue, however what I do know is that I'm a work in progress, and God will be further moulding me to be who I'm supposed to be, to live in my purpose.

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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