Aug 4, 2013

More of God in My Life

Hey ladies! The weekend is drawing to a close and I hope you all had a great and blessed one. I found myself longing for more of God in my life, or rather more "proof" of God. Sounds weird I know, but my prayer was that I want my life to mirror one that the bible speaks of.

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In my wanting more, I also learned (or remembered rather) to trust God and lean on Him in everything. There is nothing that concerns my life, and your life, that doesn't need God's divine grace in it. Trusting Him in everything will take faith, but it's doable and it will payoff. Besides, what's the alternative? Worrying yourself sick? That doesn't sound like much of a wonderful life to me. 

Speaking of life, life in all its various forms, shapes, and sizes is more precious than you know. I got some sad news about a childhood acquaintance' passing today. It really through me for a loop because this is a young lady who lived life to the fullest and had what at least appeared to be a very desirable life. To realize that that life is no longer is just so crazy to me. I whine and complain about a number of things, and I've been blue about even more things. But at the end of the day, God's blessed me with health and strength, and for that I can't complain. 

Whatever you and me face in life, we're alive. Trust that God as kept you alive for a reason. Honour Him enough to value that reason and to live up to your potential. If you don't know the reason, pray about it and ask God to reveal it to you. 

More of God in our lives means less of us. Less of us implies putting our egos, our self perception, our fears and doubts aside and letting God reign. Let Him reign in your life and see what can come out of it. You won't regret it :)

Bless & Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious, 

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