Jul 29, 2013

Thank God!

Seasons - knowing that life takes you through seasons is one thing, flourishing in every season is another. No matter the season, there is beauty to be found, something positive. Not only that, but every season has a purpose. It's our responsibility to figure out what that purpose is.

Quote By Rick Warren
When things are good, know that they aren't so for your benefit alone. Seek God as to how you are to minister to others, how you are to bless others, how you are to display the Christ in you to others. 

When things are not so good, find out what lessons are being taught (and learn them). Seek God and ask Him not only to guide you through, but that you may get to the other side better and wiser. Only a fool would fall in the same ditch twice.

Seeking God with a cloud hanging over your head isn't always easy. For some it's the contrary, that's the only time we seek God. When things are going great you may tend to forget that it's all by the mercy and grace of God, and because you now have no "need", you feel no need to seek God. 

There is not a day that can go buy, good or bad, that we are not in need of God's mercy and His grace. He gives us the air we breath and we owe everything to Him. Thank Him regardless. No matter the situation, give Him thanks. "In everything, give thanks..." (1 Thess 5:18)

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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