Jul 15, 2013

Seek and You Will Find

Wasn't able to post anything yesterday for various reasons and I didn't want to just on here on put something that wasn't from the heart or from God, so decided not to. I'm not making a habit of though, trust.  You can expect a post on here every single day, with the (extremely) odd exception.  
Of late what I'm felling in my spirit is just to seek God more than ever. God created for His glory. We're not here to please our neighbors, our boss, our friends, or even our family. Our sole purpose is to please and honor Him whom you owe your sole existence too.
Courtesy of fmf-ministries.org

Seek Him through prayer, through praise & worship, through meditation, reading the word... whatever your preferred method is, just SEEK Him.

He will delight Himself in your praise, He will pour down His blessings, His answers, His guidance, His will for your life will be clear as day. You can't do it without Him, trust me! All that you need can be found in His presence because as you seek Him, not only will He direct your path but He will give you the desires of your heart.

Humble yourself before God, get down on your knees and He will lift you up! Way higher and way faster than you could ever do for yourself. And if you think your way is faster, watch how long it lasts (Not long). Anything built on anything other than the foundation of God will tumble and fall. And the higher you got, the harder you'll fall.

God makes His presence known when we praise Him and seek Him. He said it in His word and He's not man that He should lie. So if you know that He can found, why not seek Him? You'll save yourself so much heartache, trouble, and money doing it God's way.

So whatever your schedule looks like, devote time to Him, even if it means waking up earlier. You'll never regret it, and truthfully, your life (the success of it at least) depends ot it.

Bless and Love Y'all!

Stay Pretty & Precious,

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